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The Ultimate Guide to H2O Wireless 4G LTE Upgrade

H2O Wireless recently upgraded their network access to 4G LTE (finally, right)?  That only sweetens the deal on my $27 a month cell phone plan.  And, the speed difference is huge (see my test results below)!  This article outlines the... Read More

PART 1: Samsung Galaxy S3 Touchscreen (Digitizer) Replacement / Review of Micro USB OTG Cable

As much as I love technology, I also hate it sometimes (usually because of user error).  Short story: I dropped my phone (which has a Ballistic case on it) when opening a car door.  It hit the ground (I didn’t... Read More

VIDEO: 1 min kitchen DIY (under $10) that anyone can do

This is my first video post.  Send me any feedback in the comments about how you like it.  It’s a simple 1 minute DIY in the kitchen that anyone can do and makes washing food and dishes a breeze.  It’s... Read More

My $27 a month cell phone bill

After being laid off from work (which paid for my entire cell phone plan, but graciously gave me the phone–Samsung Galaxy S3–as a parting gift), I was on the search for a new carrier/plan.  I wanted to keep my monthly... Read More