This is my first video post.  Send me any feedback in the comments about how you like it.  It’s a simple 1 minute DIY in the kitchen that anyone can do and makes washing food and dishes a breeze.  It’s also less than $10 and you may not even need a tool.  Surprise your housemates with this quick and easy install!

Buy the Siroflex New Style Deluxe Double Swivel Sprayer here (note, the new models don’t have that lever shown in the picture):


  • 1 min install
  • Under $10
  • Solid and spray stream types handle all your needs
  • Double swivel for reaching all parts of the sink
  • Improved pressure (maybe too much!)
  • Included adapter for outer-threaded (vs inner-threaded) faucets


  • Plastic threads could strip easier than metal
  • Hangs down from faucet, which makes moving large pots/pans in and out more difficult
  • Has so much range from dual swivels you could shoot water out of the sink (depending on sink type)

Final Thoughts

For less than $10 and a minute of your time, this DIY has big payback.  After months of using it, it’s still working great, makes large pots and pans a breeze to clean, and rinses food really well.  Even if it were to break, it’s under $10 for a replacement.  Surprise your wife/husband/partner/ roommate/family/friend!  DO IT!

Readers, do you have a quick home DIY project?  Share it with us!